We are an Independent group of specialized IT Professionals, Travel Consultants and Immigration Consultants working with inside networks from the Central EU database system to produce genuine EU Passports for all the 28 EU member states. In a world of increasingly open borders, ever more sophisticated travel documents are becoming urgently required.

Manufacturing documents that meet today’s antifraud, counterfeit protection needs requires specific know-how and direct system access due to complex technical uniqueness. That is why we work with technicians from the EU systems who processes everything from within and so your passport remains genuine.

We have been providing EU passports for over 15 years with tens of thousand of our produced EU Passports circulating. Our solutions meet the needs of government issuers and ensure global interchangeability through strict compliance with international standards for Machine Readable Travel Documents (MRTD’s) set forth by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) as everything is genuinely processed in the system

MyDocSuite Passport and Citizenship is a team of Consultants with an in-depth knowledge of the immigration industry; a team that has successfully disposed migration and resettlement solutions to thousands of satisfied clients for the last couple of years. We have first-hand experience with relocating clients to countries such as Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, the UK and various European locations.

At MyDocSuite Passport and Citizenship, our consultants have carved a niche by providing solutions to professionals in skilled-worker categories, as well as initiating Business Immigration programs for our valued high net-worth individuals. Furthermore, we specialize in the field of education by providing student visas to various destinations across the world. We are currently operating from our headquarters in Germany and our branch offices in Europe, Africa and south-east Asia.

At MyDocSuite Passport and Citizenship, we have set ourselves apart from other immigration consultants as our code of conduct and ethics are underlined by complete transparency and are strictly adhered to by our result-oriented team. MyDocSuite Passport and Citizenship’ success stems from our ability to combine understanding, excellent track records and fabulous resources, along with trust, high expertise and other complimentary services.
Thanks to our team’s knowledge and confidence, we can ensure our clients a relocation journey that is both secure and devoid of worries.

Working in an environment where the procedures and liabilities of immigration consultants are vague and unreliable, we are working towards giving the different immigration services a new sense of direction tha tcan make it relevant, secure and with a sense order by putting our reputation on the line and bein part of you and your family’s future global migration plan.
Our resolve is to have a result driven outfit that can conveniently address the operational challenges of modern migration.